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Sep 3

5 Recent Social Media Updates You Should Know

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As someone who is attached to the Internet, it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes taking place on apps and social networks and…phew, I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it. For people running a business whose primary purpose isn’t digital media, I can only imagine how tough it is. But staying abreast on what’s happening with the major channels means you can be ahead of your customers and not come across like a complete dummy. So, here are 5 social media updates that can help your…

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Aug 20

The Rule of Thirds: Your Most Important Social Media Practice

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The Rule of Thirds. It’s one of the most basic rules of social media, yet it’s often forgotten or completely unknown by users. I’ve talked about it repeatedly during my agency days, as it’s the one thing you need to flesh out right after you select the best social media networks for your brand. The Rule of Thirds represents how you use social media. One-third should be dedicated to promotion, one-third to sharing and one-third to engagement. This doesn’t hold entirely true for channels like Instagram but when…

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Aug 4

7 Instagram Don'ts You're Definitely Doing

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If you’re trying to grow your Instagram account to include followers beyond your friends and family, you want to think strategy when it comes to posting. How you present yourself on the channel, whether a business or personal brand, is everything. It’s a visual medium after all. So when you set up your account and start planning killer content that will make the kiddies come a runnin’, there should be one question on your mind. Why would someone follow? There are a few answers–you’re account is freaking beautiful (loaded…

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