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Jul 30

Your Guide to Styling Photos for Social Media

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When taking photos for websites, there used to be just one thing to think about: how that one photo looked (and let’s be honest, no one really paid attention to that until a couple years ago). But now that all content gets pushed to each social media platform we’re on, we have to think about how photos will look there too. It would be way too easy for each social channel to, you know, have the same photo style (I guess that’s not quite as fun), so we now need…

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Jul 23

One Tip to Improve Your Blog Content & Social Media Posts

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There are a lot of things blog posts aren’t—they’re not novels or reportage or essays. Anyone can write them and that’s the beauty of it. But as untethered to rules as blog content is, it still needs a few things to be a success. One of those necessary elements, in my opinion (see how wonderful blogging is? But really, I do know what I’m talking about, I swear), is an angle. A focus. A topic to zero in on and a little somethin’ that makes it worth writing…

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Jul 14

4 Terrible Misconceptions About Digital Content

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Like any industry, digital content creation has its own share of myths. Despite our collective obsession with content gaining intensity over the past five years, few people truly understand what it takes to become successful in this realm—meaning increasing site traffic, generating income, and maybe even establishing a killer brand through your blog and website copy. Misleading content on anything from the time it takes to write a post to outdated SEO advice has floated around the internet for years now, it’s finally time to set the record…

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