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Nov 12

When to Hire Help For Your Digital Business

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For better or worse, almost all brands have some sort of digital component these days. While we’ve worked with a ton of great people with thriving online presences, we’ve also seen our share of businesses struggle to convert their brand to digital in way that connects with audiences online and increases their chances of success. But no question, it can be a really exciting time to start and grow a business. If you weren’t online before marketing your product or service, it can open a whole new door…

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Oct 27

What I've Learned From Starting a Business

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It’s been almost two years since I started Funk Digital Media. I had done some freelance work alongside my day job, but didn’t make the full leap until January 2013. I’d love to say it has all been exciting and fulfilling and everything I dreamed of, but that’s not entirely true. It has been all of those things, as well as stressful, all-consuming and confusing. At this point, I’ve experienced the highs and lows we all expect and am thrilled with the direction FDM is going, but it has taken much…

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Oct 6

Why Undervaluing Yourself is Hurting Your Business

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If you’ve ever allowed a client to talk you into selling a product or service for half of what you originally asked for or you’ve questioned whether you’re really good enough to charge for a certain skill, you’ve struggled with how to value your business. You might even think, but isn’t it worse to be overconfident or overcharge? If you’ve even thought of that question, trust me, you’re not in any danger of the latter—over confident biz owners don’t question their value. It’s good to question yourself and…

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