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Dec 15

What Curation Really Means For Your Business

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In the world of marketing, there are tons of buzzwords. One being curation. Where organic and synergy dominated years past, content marketing and social media have pushed curation to the forefront. This word has multiple meanings. It can mean pulling together content from other sources and integrating it into your current marketing strategy or it can mean visually curating your social media so it attracts followers. With regards to the latter, some people cringe-they despise the influx of matchy matchy white Instagram accounts. But the others believe it’s…

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Nov 26

Digital Love: 3 Online Businesses We're Thankful For

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Since today is Thanksgiving day–Happy Thanksgiving!–I thought I’d launch a series I’ve been dying to do since the birth of Funk Digital Media. The Digital Love post series, or franchise, if we’re talking blog talk, is my way of sharing some of my favorite things on the web with you guys. Some of those things might relate to social media, some might be general business and others might be so I can virtually fist bump the bad asses who create brands that inspire and think outside of the…

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Nov 19

The 3 Brand Guides Every Business Needs

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When you think of a brand guide you typically think of the visuals of your business–the logo, the colors and the identity. But the way we reference brand guide is much deeper and requires three different resources that heighten your business’ online performance. See, when you build a business you are establishing a brand, a voice, a vision and a structure. Combined, all work together to make your marketing cohesive (and effective), and if we’re not kidding ourselves, keep you sane along the way. So what are these…

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