Jul 14

4 Terrible Misconceptions About Digital Content

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Like any industry, digital content creation has its own share of myths. Despite our collective obsession with content gaining intensity over the past five years, few people truly understand what it takes to become successful in this realm—meaning increasing site traffic, generating income, and maybe even establishing a killer brand through your blog and website copy. Misleading content on anything from the time it takes to write a post to outdated SEO advice has floated around the internet for years now, it’s finally time to set the record…

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Jul 9

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Social Media Platform

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In today’s social landscape there are more platforms than you can count. There are veteran channels like Facebook and newbies like Meerkat. With so many options, how do you know which is right for your business? You could dabble in every one, but it’s better to be a badass at some than half assed at them all. So once you’ve realized that social media is vital for your business, and believe me it is, the hardest, most stressful part is selecting the best platforms for you. Before you…

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Jul 7

What to Consider before Setting up Your Workspace

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Having worked in both offices large and small, stuffy and creative, professional and at home, I finally have a good grasp on what makes or breaks a workspace—and productivity. To create the best spot for getting s*** done, I recommend taking a good look at each of these parts of your office before going any further; the floral notebooks and gold-foil wall hangings can come later. 1. Lighting. Windows… You need all the windows. I’m tempted to leave it at that, but it’s not necessarily true. I personally…

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