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Nov 5

Social Media Rules You Don't Actually Have to Follow

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To most people, social media is still a relatively new concept, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t undergone intense change over the last few years. Social media pros were quick to establish rules for posting on Facebook, twitter, and every other platform, as soon as they discovered what works and what doesn’t, and there are a ton of ways to establish a proven strategy that works no matter your type of business. But can we really expect these rules not to change? The amount of articles you’ll find…

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Oct 19

11 Lessons from Twitter Over The Years

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I’m pretty active on my personal twitter account, which I manage differently an influencer or brand, or even my own blog’s associated account. I’ve been a user for years and recently revived my old, previously private account, that I’d only log on to post blog links (in case it isn’t obvious, not a good strategy). Never totally sure of how involved I wanted to be on twitter, I’ve fully admitted to myself: I love this platform. And having a personal account actually allowed me to experiment and use that when strategizing…

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Oct 6

Why Undervaluing Yourself is Hurting Your Business

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If you’ve ever allowed a client to talk you into selling a product or service for half of what you originally asked for or you’ve questioned whether you’re really good enough to charge for a certain skill, you’ve struggled with how to value your business. You might even think, but isn’t it worse to be overconfident or overcharge? If you’ve even thought of that question, trust me, you’re not in any danger of the latter—over confident biz owners don’t question their value. It’s good to question yourself and…

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