Funk Digital Media is a boutique agency that elevates your online presence. Simply put, we help celebrities and businesses get shit done. We’ve got the years of experience and enough degrees to prove we’re no dummies, but what makes FDM your go-to solution for digital strategy is our heart and humor, and the ability to take your brand to new heights. We build you up, handling all of the murky waters of digital media, so you can worry about more pressing things. FDM works with a team of developers, designers and content creators to grow your authentic brand, but at the core we’re all you need rolled into one. Led by two opposites with the same vision we offer various services from web design to social strategy. Read more about us below.

Crista Funk


For the past 12 years, Crista has worked with a range of high-profile celebrities and brands to grow their online awareness and customer base. She’s experienced in everything from content creation to business development, working hand-in-hand with clients to bring their dreams to fruition. She could brag about the 100s of social profiles and websites she’s helped curate and manage, but it’s her ability to understand big picture goals and convey hard truths that have truly led to her success. Every conversation with Crista is an honest one (even if it’s about something as petty as your undying love for terrible television), which means clients know what they’re getting from start to finish. With a deep rooted desire to offer clients the best digital reflection of themselves, she left the corporate world in order to found Funk Digital Media. In her spare time–which let’s be real doesn’t fully exist–she cuddles her dog Henry, travels both near and far, and is on an endless quest for the perfect color palette.

Angela Hamilton

Digital Content Editor

Angela has six years of blogging experience and a background in creative writing. Her skills/obsessions include copyediting + editorial direction + lifestyle blogging. In the mornings you can expect her to schedule the day’s tweets and find the perfect filter to use on the next Instagram, and by the afternoon, she’s found a sunny patio seat at a local café to plan the month’s calendar or prep for a photo shoot. (All with “breaks” for the curation of Pinterest boards during high traffic hours). She excels at wearing many hats when wearing many hats means writing and tweeting in several distinct voices or mastering the art of managing several social media accounts simultaneously. A former handmade business owner, Angela is a big DIYer—but don’t ask her to cut a straight line. She’s into interior design, natural beauty products, photography, and clearly, the serial comma. Aside from FDM, Angela also writes for several blogs (including her own).