A week or two I go I was scrolling through Instagram when I realized that when I went to see if someone was following me back (hey, I hate seeing that someone followed me just to unfollow when I return the gesture just as much as the next girl!) my profile showed up right at the top of their follow list. Finally, an easier way to Insta-stalk. The next day I noticed the feature was gone, and now I know why.

Instagram Search Updates You Need to Know

Instagram is testing out a few new updates to their search function, so things are looking a little different to some users. The updates we’ve caught wind of so far, like being able to tell who follows you back, are not surprisingly, eerily similar to Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) and other social networks that have experienced the type of growth IG has and that like to highlight popular users. Now when you begin to search, you’ll instantly see who followers you back, who doesn’t, and who is followed by your friends.

We’ve already seen a ton of recent updates to Instagram’s search that everyone is still getting used to. For example, popular users are now given priority in search, meaning that when you go to search someone’s handle you’re automatically seeing the top influencers first (besides those you already follow). We’ve already got that with twitter and even blogging platforms like bloglovin’, who prioritize those with the largest followings. No one particularly loves being told what to do, but hey, when it comes to honing in on your social media strategy, a more convenient search function can save a business owner loads of time spent researching influencers and trends.

I think we all knew Instagram to be more than a photo sharing platform – but you can now expect it to function a lot more like every other popular social media network. Thoughts?