In the world of marketing, there are tons of buzzwords. One being curation. Where organic and synergy dominated years past, content marketing and social media have pushed curation to the forefront. This word has multiple meanings. It can mean pulling together content from other sources and integrating it into your current marketing strategy or it can mean visually curating your social media so it attracts followers. With regards to the latter, some people cringe-they despise the influx of matchy matchy white Instagram accounts. But the others believe it’s the answer to at least half of their online prayers because while curating your online presence comes in many forms, the one consistency is its ability to aid growth.

So I’m going to say it now, if you’re not thematically organizing your content and images, you’re hurting your brand. I’ll let that marinate.

Curating Your Business
Curation does quite a few things for your business:

It draws more people in – visually strong imagery is an immediate attractor for almost all Instagram and Pinterest content.

It helps ease your work load – once you know that you don’t have to create a million original pieces of content for Facebook or Twitter, you’ll spend your time more wisely structuring and aligning yourself with the right brands/people online.

It keeps you in line with the Joneses – Nearly 76% of marketers share curated content.

It reinforces your brand’s identity – This alone is the greatest reason to curate. Every brand should have consistency and a strong aesthetic so loyal followers always recognize them.

It inspires your workers – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with people uninspired by their brand’s own feeds. By curating your accounts, you identify what would attract YOU and what pleases YOU and then others like yourself will come.

It’s also much easier than you think–it only takes an understanding of what catches the eye. If you keep these themes in mind and bank content in advance using a social media calendar, you’ll be well on your way to further brand growth.

  1. Only use 1 to 2 filters on Instagram images. Or go the no filter route (you rebel, you!).
  2. Decide what intensity of color you want all images to have. Will they be vibrant, subdued, have a color tint, be black and white, or soft lit? No matter the channel, this will create brand recognition and consistency.
  3. Hone in on a theme. Be it colors, images or types of shared content. If you’re a wellness company, don’t just slang your product. Share relevant information on your channels throughout the day or retweet fans that’s comments embody your brand’s energy and culture.
  4. Take great images! Pretend I just screamed that at you. It doesn’t matter how well you can color filter an image, if the picture is dark, grainy or uninspiring, no one will be on board.
  5. Remember, language matters as well. Part of curating your feeds means making sure your vocabulary and tone are consistent. If there are differing voices on your blog (that aren’t identified as different authors) or one tweet is snarky and the next overly enthusiastic, people won’t see you as being genuine and will drop off quickly.

For more information on how to curate your content, get ahold of us! We’ll develop a brand guide for you that will optimize your accounts immediately.