If you’re not savvy to the best social media practices, then things are about to change. Today, Hootsuite announced their new online education platform, Podium. It’s free, and it’s about to school you in social media for business.

Hootsuite Podium provides users with 6 classes (over 40 videos) on topics from social media marketing to content marketing. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to grow your business or be desirable to future/current employers. You can also gain certifications and dominate conversations with friends who think they know how to grow social just because they got a few new followers. Am I saying this class is only beneficial for bragging cred? Maybe. 

Really, this is huge. We live in a world where many businesses can’t survive without exercising optimal social media practices, and with social media being amongst the top 10 fastest growing job trends right now, it makes sense that people in the workforce gain these skills.

How in-depth the courses are is unknown, and there is no chance that these classes can be the end all to your social strategy, but it’s nice to know that you can learn the basics for free (you have to pay for the certification and advanced packages) and get an idea of how to grow your business immediately.

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