It’s no surprise that running a business is a LOT of work. I nearly drove myself mad starting FDM, but that’s a story for another day. Building a business requires a level of dedication unlike any other, and can suck every ounce of your being out. If your job is a passion project or life dream then devoting every second to it isn’t the end of the world. But there is a time when regaining balance and making personal investments will change the way you do business, for the better. If your sanity is hanging on by a thread but your business is thriving, it’s time for some help. Here are 10 signs that you need to hire an assistant now.

10 signs you need to hire an assistant

1. You spend 3/4 of your time doing minuscule tasks – When starting out you likely have to do every aspect of your business, but if busy work or prepping materials hinders your ability to gain new clients and manage partner relations–consuming most of your morning–then it’s time to hire. 

2. You miss deadlines – Your reputation will begin to suffer if you miss key drop dates with clients. I don’t think I have to spell it out, but that means no new clients, or worse, the existing ones will dwindle away.

3. Your desk is a disaster – Organization is no longer part of your vocabulary. You can’t seem to find important documents and things are going amiss right and left. Along with a productive workspace, an assistant can help keep everything in order and on your radar.

4. You haven’t seen the outside world in days – Lack of vitamin D can really take a toll on your mood. No, seriously, a deficiency sucks! Working extreme hours with no breaks or time outside prevents you from enjoying life. Everyone knows balance is a necessity for happiness.

5. You can’t take on new business – Unless you’re content with the size of your operation and the revenue you’re bringing in, then you want your company/brand to grow. Having an assistant manage emails or deliverables means you have more time to approach prospective clients.

6. You’ve neglected essential tasks (both personal and professional) – Has your business license expired? What about your car registration? Bills not being paid? Your work load is preventing you from handling these tasks like a boss. But, um, you are the boss! Have an assistant help before your entire operation is derailed.

7. You can’t keep up on your industry – One essential part of running a good business is knowing your competition and staying up on industry trends and changes. If you can’t do that, then you’re not providing your clients or yourself with the proper knowledge to elevate their business. 

8. Your creativity feels stifled – When you’re overwhelmed, your creative juices often stop flowing. By taking work off of your plate you can spend more time nurturing this aspect of your business and come up with stronger social media plans, blog ideas or new products.

9. Your team sees you struggling as leader – As owner or boss lady of your operation, you need to be strong for those underneath you. If they see you struggling with staying afloat, then they’ll lose faith in the brand/project or you. An assistant can help reinvigorate you and reduce stress that’s likely making you a bad boss.

10. You can afford it. – This is probably the most important of the ten. If your business is at a stable place or growing quickly and you have the means to pay someone part time to make sure you’re operating at 100 percent, by all means, hire someone! Their income is a small price to pay when it means you have time to produce better work and gain new clients. But don’t jump the gun, if you don’t have expendable income, reevaluate your operation before bringing someone on board.