There are a lot of things blog posts aren’t—they’re not novels or reportage or essays. Anyone can write them and that’s the beauty of it. But as untethered to rules as blog content is, it still needs a few things to be a success. One of those necessary elements, in my opinion (see how wonderful blogging is? But really, I do know what I’m talking about, I swear), is an angle. A focus. A topic to zero in on and a little somethin’ that makes it worth writing about a subject that has likely been written about a million times before and will be written about a million times again. Something to keep the piece from falling into blog post obscurity, as digital content often does. Because anyone can write on any topic at any time, it’s essential that yours stands out—especially in regard to lifestyle blogging, but definitely elsewhere too.

One Tip to Improve Your Blog & Social Media Posts | Funk Digital Media

What are the benefits to choosing an angle for every post?

  • A narrow focus will improve + simplify the writing process
  • Helps break big topics into bite-sized chunks, keeping readers hooked
  • Allows you to break those topics in to separate pieces (aka more content)
  • You’ll have something to call back to in future posts on similar topics, giving more ways to connect with readers and offering relevancy on the topic
  • More content, of course, means more ways to promote your website
  • Immediately helps you think of a compelling title, which instantly improves the quality of your corresponding social media posts

Ultimately, all this leads to less work for you, more interesting posts, and more ways to connect with your audience.

How to Choose an Angle

  1. Choose your topic, like makeup tips.
  2. Narrow your focus, like summer makeup tips.
  3. Choose an angle by thinking of your audience. Who needs summer makeup tips? What kind of tips are they? What kind of advice do you want to give? Maybe you’ll end up with simple summer makeup tips for the beach-obsessed, or maybe you’ll zero in on looks instead: 5 summer makeup looks to pair with beach hair.

Now you have endless possibilities for angles, a good hook to start with when thinking of angles, and automatic copy for social media (which you’ll tweak depending on the social channel, of course, but more on that later). You also set up your blog to be able to talk about as many other topics on the subject of makeup without it seeming repetitive or overdone.

While this will all absolutely help improve content, you still want to end up with a quality blog post that offers something to readers and holds their attention. Too narrow a topic or oddly specific an angle will relate only to a small, specific audience, so that’s something to keep in mind. Universal topics that appeal to a wide audience given a unique angle tend to do better than narrow topics with vague focuses, as you might assume. If you’re already a blogger, try looking back through your posts to see if they go along with the above guidelines. If there’s room for improvement, this could make a huge difference moving forward!