Having worked in both offices large and small, stuffy and creative, professional and at home, I finally have a good grasp on what makes or breaks a workspace—and productivity. To create the best spot for getting s*** done, I recommend taking a good look at each of these parts of your office before going any further; the floral notebooks and gold-foil wall hangings can come later.

3 Things to Consider Before Setting up your Home Office | Funk Digital Media

1. Lighting. Windows… You need all the windows. I’m tempted to leave it at that, but it’s not necessarily true. I personally require natural light in order to work efficiently—too dark and I all but fall asleep, too fluorescent and I end up with a migraine. So determine the best light for you—natural, bright, by the candlelight reflected in your wine glass, whatever—and plan around that, because it could mean some renovations if you’re at home, or scouting out the best building in town to plant your biz, based on this alone.

2. Traffic. Know whether people will come in and work, filter in and out, stay for meetings, stop by unannounced, and if you’ll be doing any entertaining there, and not just to see how many chairs you’ll need. It’s essential to know whether you’ll be presenting your place—which will inevitably act as a visual representation to visitors—to clients or potential clients, employees, the general public, or just yourself, before you start thinking of the vibe you’re going for. Let’s face it, you’d probably rearrange a few things in your own home if you knew clients would be there all the time, you should think of your workspace that way too.

3. Vibe. I recommend Pinterest to curate your vibe before you get to shopping (or we can curate for you!). I’d been curating mine in my massive interior Pinterest board for years before I had a real space. But once I did, it came together quickly. Some examples of a modern office vibe? Creative, relaxed, light and bright, professional, ergonomic, crafty, and if you work alone, maybe even cozy. For modern creative studio ideas, check out our Pinterest board.

Once you have the big things taken into consideration, you can get to curating those vibes and utilizing the space you’ve decided on. Check back later for tips on curating the perfect workspace.