If you’re anything like me, your phone is glued to your hand. I engage in the occasional group text, update my personal social media accounts and play way too much Bejeweled. But these tasks combined aren’t even half of the reason I can’t step away from my mobile. My job relies on being tapped into social media, which means even if we’re at dinner, I’ll photograph the shit out of everyone’s meals–and bank it for future online use–before taking a single bite. If you’re a business owner, a blogger or a social media manager then you should be doing a degree of this as well. Dinner with comrades doesn’t have to be spoiled though. To grow your business’ online presence with the least amount of stress, I’ve compiled 11 apps that will change your digital life (both creative and organizational) for the better.
Apps for Small Business OwnersEvernoteThe note-taking application allows you to write ideas and compile lists (that are full of images, text, audio files and more) while automatically syncing to ALL of your devices. It’s organized and simple, and you can share everything with coworkers or clients. It’s my crutch, for real.

Google AnalyticsIf you have a website, you better have Google Analytics active. The mobile app is basic, meaning if you care about impressions on the go, it’s perfect. No getting lost in analytical hell–just get the facts as soon as your content is live.

PS ExpressThere are a ton of incredible photo apps out there, but PS Express allows you to edit photos without getting caught up in filters. Sure it has filters, but that’s not the reason you want this app. It’s the highlight and shadow alterations, defogging feature and ability to tap right into your Creative Cloud that make it a must.

BurstioWith this app, you can join the fun of sharing animated GIFs without relying on Giphy or Google. Burstio converts burst photos taken on your iPhone into GIFs and HD video clips that can move backwards, be looped or shared immediately on social. It’s an easy way to amp up your content with very little effort.

Adobe ColorIf you love color palettes as much as I do, then you NEED this app. Hold it up to a picture or anything in your surroundings and it will pull colors from your environment and save 5 hues to create the perfect palette. You can share with others, add to Behance or get the HEX code and incorporate into your next web/print design.

Font CandyThere are various apps like Font Candy that overlay text on pictures, allowing you to be the best inspirational image maker around, but the app goes a step further in simplifying the process. It has pre-made quotes, artwork to accompany the text and its font catalogue is plentiful. What you create will kill it on Instagram and Pinterest.

Writing ChallengeBloggers and editorial writers, this one’s for you. The app provides a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing and banish any signs of Writer’s Block. You may not be writing fiction for your career, but this will help the written word spill out no matter what.

Sprout SocialOur favorite social media management platform, the app lets you schedule, draft and engage with followers and your entire team no matter where you are. The dashboard is easy to navigate and the reporting aesthetically strong. We’ve been avid users for over 5 years.

DropboxThis app is a must for every business out there. The cloud storage has replaced sites like You Send It and We Transfer for us, and it keeps almost all of our materials organized and accessible. Instead of carrying a flash drive constantly, get friendly with Dropbox.

WordPress If you have a blog, news page or even e-commerce on your website, then having the mobile WordPress app can help keep clients and fans updated instantly. You won’t want to tackle major backend changes, but uploading your latest event pictures or adding a new product can be done with just a click of a button.

WiFi Finder Pretty self-explanatory, WiFi Finder is a blessing for coffee shop junkies. You can search worldwide or your current location to find all WiFi hotspots that are available. Even better, it lets you know if they are free or paid. Everyone, rejoice!